Unsere neue Setlist:                                                                    

Walking in Memphis                        valerie                                          Let me entertain you

the first cut                                          Sweet home alabama              Runaway

wild world                                            Proud mary                               Welcome to heartlight               

torn                                                        Venus                                           Beds are burning

my name is luca                                  Because the night                    I love rockn roll

wish u where here                              Hit the road jack                      Let it rain

Ironic                                                      Kids in amerika                       Sweet child of mine

Cocaine                                                  99 Luftballons                           Bitch

Black magic women                           Bed of roses                               Zombie

baker man                                            Bring me to life                        Living on a prayer

Bascet case                                            Sharp dressed man                 smells like teen spirit

Teenage dirtbag                                   Locomotive breath                  Born to be wild

Beat it                                                      21 guns                                       Smoke on the water

I came for you                                       Narcotic                                     Alright now

Talking about Revolution                  Bette davis eyes                        Honky tonk women

Sleeping in my car                               The look                                    Sympathie for the devil

Nobodys wife                                         Summer of 69                          Like the way I do

Walking on sunshine                           Dead or alive                            Bring me some water

Whats up                                                 Angels                                        Its a long way to the top

Knocking on heavens door                Verdammt lang her                 Nothing else matters